Trained Protection Dogs For Sale

Shield K9 sells and trains working dogs for family protection, security and law enforcement applications.
We are global providers of fully trained dogs, hand-picked from generations of proven working blood.

Police Dogs For Sale

Police Dog Training

A police dog sitting next to his handler.

We have Malinois and German Shepherds ON SITE available all year around as well as many green dogs readily available to us through our contacts in Europe.

All come with X Rays, working guarantee as well as free trials for approved departments.

We are ready to fill contracts at any time. Dogs with prior training in narc detection and apprehension can also be provided for an additional fee.

German Shepherds For Sale

Our German Shepherds come from top European bloodlines that have proven generations of working champions and service dogs in their pedigrees. 

We have trained European imports that have been hand picked for their stable temperament, health and working ability.  

Sadly, most German Shepherds in North America today lack the temperament necessary for any kind of actual protection or police work. We don't play sleeve and tug games when we train dogs to truly protect the family or apprehend criminals. This narrows the pool of suitable dogs considerably.

This is why we have our own custom German Shepherd breeding program that use only the best lines and dogs. GENETICS matter!

Presa Canario From Top Spanish Bloodlines!

We have an in-house breeding program for the Presa Canario Mastiff.
If you are interested in a trained dog or puppy from our breeding or protection program, please feel free to look at our available dogs or contact us with your specifications today!

Presa Canario For Sale

Our Presa Canario breeding program provides us with a ready source of dogs for our protection dog program.

The Presa Canario is the ideal breed for family and property protection as they combine size, fierce guarding instincts, and a stable temperament.

We work with some of the best bloodlines in the world and carefully select our Presa Canario breeding dogs for health, temperament and work ability.

Puppies For Sale

Our puppies come from our own breeding and are social and confident dogs with pronounced working qualities. Details about each puppy and litter can be found here

Find out more about how we raise our puppies by visiting our Dogs For Sale site.

Contact us if you would like to view our selection of dogs in person.

For more information about our trained dogs for sale please visit our dog sales site.