Many of our clients are under the impression that group classes are not effective. While that may be the case in other training companies, we have spent years refining our group class curriculum to yield maximum results. Our group classes are either held in our state of the art indoor facilities or in our outdoor training areas. Our classes are designed to give you quick, effective results that you will be able to use right away to better handle and communicate with your dog. Whether you are starting with a puppy or an adult we can slot you in to our system and take you through our three levels of training to complete OFF LEASH freedom in a short period of time!

Whether you have a puppy, an adult dog or a behavior case we have a class that is right for you! Our group classes are held in a supportive environment. You will be in a group with other dogs and handlers on the same journey you are. Your dog will also learn to focus on you in a group setting and remain under control around distraction.

Can I Bring My Aggressive Reactive Dog to a Group Class?

We have a group class for you! One of the first group classes for Aggressive and Reactive dogs ever offered in Canada, our Aggressive Reactive Rehab class is extremely effective. In this class we focus on teaching handlers why their dogs are having outbursts and more importantly how to control, correct and redirect those unwanted behaviors. Our Aggressive Reactive classes will also focus on teaching your dog complete off leash obedience. We have found that its not just enough to correct the bad behavior. The dog must also be given alternate behaviors to practice instead of the reactive behavior.

Our Aggressive Reactive Class Includes:

• Correcting Reactivity and Aggression
• Socialization
• No Pull Training
• Sit, Down STAY
• Place Command
• Off Leash Recalls
• Structured Play
• Distraction Proofing
• Managing Aggression in the Home

We offer five signature group classes across all our locations:


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