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Puppy Foundations Class​

Next Class: Saturday February 5 at 11am

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Puppy Training Foundations

Start your pup the right way! This class is designed to teach you how to properly handle and manage your pup in the home and out.  


We cover everything from social skills, bonding, house manners and obedience.
Provide your pup with a solid foundation to future success in training and life!

We also focus on the fundamentals behind the more advanced training seen in our other packages.  See our work with puppies in these videos…

Puppy receiving foundation training for Competition Obedience.
One of our fully trained puppies.
This class includes:

Social skills

we teach you how to manage your puppy in all social situations and how to create healthy social experiences.


your pup learns Recalls, Heeling, Sit, Down, Place and Kennel

House Training 

start your little guy off the right way in the house. Learn how to properly manage and train your dog to be calm and non destructive in the house.

Marker Training

we teach you and your pup to communicate with voice and physical gestures, this makes training much faster and easier!


learn how to play in a structured healthy way with your pup!

We do a lot of motivational work with food in this package. Clients are encouraged to bring a hungry pup with lots of high value treats!

Classes run for one hour once per week for 4 consecutive weeks. Maximum 2 people per dog, no children under 6 please.

$299 for four weeks.

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