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Functional Obedience Class​

Next class: Begins Nov 17 at 4pm

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Functional Obedience Class

Completely Train Your Dog On & Off-Leash in 8 Classes! Results Guaranteed!

Our Functional Obedience programs focus on giving you complete control over your dog regardless of location or distraction level. This is no idle boast, watch our videos and see our training!

“Dogs that come through this program are reliable anywhere and everywhere.”

Classes run every consecutive week until course completion (excepting stat holidays).

*Dogs must be a minimum of 6 months of age to take this course

Learn the fundamentals to truly effective communication and control.  We train you and your dog using our proven K9 handling techniques. Attendees often see a huge difference after just one session!

This course is done with a low level Remote Collar, we have used many tools in the past but find the Remote collar to be the most effective for instant clear communication with your dog.

Classes 1-2 (on leash training)

  • Stop pulling in one session. We teach your dog to walk calmly on a loose leash
  • Crazy in the house?  We show you the secret to a calm quiet dog in the house
  • Heel / Sit / Down / Place / Stay on leash

Classes 3-8 (e-collar required)

  • Off-Leash Recall. we teach you the secret to teaching a guaranteed recall
  • Formal / Informal Recalls
  • Recall under Distraction. We teach your dog to come any time every time
  • Get Rid of That Leash. Your dog will walk next to you off leash under distractions
  • Barking, Jumping, Lunging. We teach you how to resolve these and other common behavior issues
  • Distance Commands. Your dog will sit, down and stay at a distance completely off leash
  • Distraction Proofing. Teach your dog to ignore distractions and be obedient everywhere
Make no mistake, this package will fully train your dog on and off leash.  Join our next class and get your dog listening to you every single time!


Those clients only wishing to participate in On-Leash training need only purchase our 2 class package. 

Classes 1-8 Complete Course – $500
Classes 1-2 On Leash Classes Only– $200  

Payment Options for entire course:

One payment – $500

+ cost of a remote collar. Clients are welcome to bring their own collar or we can sell you one in store for $250. We carry E Collar Technologies ET300

See our group classes page for upcoming class dates.

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