Reactive Rehab


Please note that this is not a stand alone product and works best in concert with the Elite Off-Leash Course. Save money by purchasing both courses in our Reactive Rehab Package deal.

Lets talk bad behavior. This is the most realistic talk you are ever going to get on the internet about how to ACTUALLY fix bad behavior.

The expectation is that you watched the free INTRO videos to K9 learning theory and loose leash walking. IF you have not then WATCH these videos, we have placed them below. Loose leash walking as taught in our ELITE Off Leash Course is also an essential pre-requisite to success.

Those of you who live in places where the Electric Collar is banned, the good news is that you do not need it to correct reactive behavior. In lieu of an e-collar you can use a drag line of 2 to 12 meters attached to a pinch collar or choke chain depending on your dogs level.

This is NOT a stand alone course. This course will show you how to STOP the bad behavior. This will give you the breathing space to begin to train your dog and create real change. There can be no real change if all you do is punish the bad behavior. All that does is give you time.

Functional off leash obedience as taught in our ELITE OFF LEASH OBEDIENCE course, structured play and re-framing your dogs default stimulus response is what brings about REAL change. It takes work and consistency.

If you do not see your dog’s particular target in these videos, know that the process is exactly the same. Cars, dogs, people, bikes etc. We correct the pulling and severely correct any reactive behavior using the methods shown below.

Some of you may fail because you lack consistency. You may do things half way, make excuses, are afraid to do what’s necessary and accept less then the best your dog is capable of as good enough.

I have been doing this long enough to say this with complete confidence. Hopefully, if you are among this group you are able to find a trainer that can help you in person.

Some of you will watch these videos and those in the Elite course, through consistency, diligence and sheer will, you will have a dog that behaves and is obedient beyond anything you could imagine.

Accept nothing less than the perfect dog and he or she will be that.

Watch This Before Everything
How Dogs Learn & Think
How To Communicate With Your Dog
How To Correct Bad Behaviour
How To Stop Pulling On The Leash
This is step one. Step two as seen in the ELITE course further refines this and you see me repeat this work over and over again throughout this course. Watch this free video then watch me work with a variety of reactive dogs. I implement this theory over and over again. Your success depends on the LOOSE LEASH walking.

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