Elite Puppy Training Foundations

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Welcome to our Elite Puppy Foundations course! People are always asking about the training we do with puppies; how to socialize, house train, obedience train, and more. We are happy to share our entire puppy program with our Elite members.

If you follow this course from beginning to end you will have a puppy trained to a very high level. More importantly, you will have a puppy that will fly through the Elite Off Leash Obedience course because they will have the correct foundation that prepares them for the more advanced work we put adult and young adult dogs through.


Before you can train your puppy you MUST understand how they learn and how to communicate with them. If you skip these you will have substandard results.

I make many of my theory videos available free on YouTube as I believe this information is essential knowledge for all dog owners. They are ESSENTIAL watching before you do any TRAINING.

If you recently watched one of these videos, feel free to skip but I strongly recommend you watch and absorb all these concepts so feel free to go back and re-watch as necessary.

How Dogs Learn & Think
How To Communicate With Your Puppy

Course Classes

Here’s where you’ll find all the good stuff! Each class contains all the videos you’ll need to achieve the results you’re after. Enjoy!

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