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Before we get started it is important to state that this is NOT for you to do with your own dog. You simply should not be doing decoy work on your own dog if you are NEW to decoy work. Even experienced decoys are careful with the work they put into their own dog.

That being said, we will mark videos on work you can do with your dog that is relatively low risk and can prepare your dog for the decoy.


Our protection program is designed around the concept of building INTENT. In many other programs intent is almost an afterthought with more emphasis being placed on the technical gripping behavior and how the dog engages with the bite equipment.

In the system I use here, my goal in the foundation is the same whether I am training a sport, police or protection dog. I want dogs that have real intent in their work not just playing a fun game of tug with equipment.

After the foundation is in place we begin to focus more on the technicalities related to individual disciplines but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out these are not difficult to accomplish when you have a rock solid foundation were the dog learns INTENT.

Real protection training is not about wearing cool suits or looking slick catching fast dogs. I have met many guys with all the fancy equipment who like showing off catching fast prey dogs that do not have the foggiest idea how to actually read a dog, build a dog, fix problems and take a dog through the drives properly.

Here we will teach you how the dogs think, why we do what we do and how to maximize each dogs potential. You have no business worrying about the physical skills involved in catching a dog if you have no understanding of the HOW and WHY. Once you understand this there will be NO dog or discipline you will fail to add value too.

This is a lecture from a recent seminar I did. Take your time to watch both portions. If you have not watched my videos on how dogs think and communicate, I will link them below the lectures. This is essential knowledge for ANY type of training you do. The more you understand how dogs think and operate the better you can help them in any behavior you are working on.

How Dogs Learn & Think
How To Communicate With Your Dog
Before we progress lets take a moment to talk about the importance of the fundamentals and the concept of sport work vs real work.

There is a commonly perpetuated idea out there that the equipment you use to work a dog be it suit, sleeve, hidden equipment etc impacts the “realness” of the dog. Here we take a three dogs with the correct FUNDAMENTALS, put them on a hidden sleeve for the first time and find out.

Sport Dogs? Will They Bite For Real?

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