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Welcome to Shield K9 online training courses. Here you will find detailed instructional videos on everything from puppy training to the elite level off leash obedience training that you see in our videos. We will also be doing a monthly Q/A via live video with Haz where we address subscriber questions.

We are constantly adding more courses to our catalogue so stay tuned for new HOW TO videos.

Introduction to Online Training

ELITE Off-Leash course now AVAILABLE!
For dogs 6 months of age or more

This is our signature off leash training course. Do you want your dog off leash next to you while you stroll through the busy city with a coffee in your hand?

Working dogs, pet dogs, service dogs, sport dogs, I have yet to meet a dog that would not benefit for this level of training.

To do this training with us in person you would be spending $2000+. Board and Train would be for a board and train $5000+.

The ELITE ONLINE Course includes:
  • FIX leash pulling, have a dog so soft on the leash you barely feel him
  • Complete off leash obedience and I mean COMPLETE
  • Distraction training
  • Heel, Sit, Down, Place, Come, Distance Commands
  • E Collar training, learn how we use it and USE it the right way
  • Structured play
  • Detailed videos of Haz demonstrating with multiple dogs
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Available Courses

New courses will be added regularly.

Puppy Foundations
Coming Soon
Aggressive Behaviour Modification
Coming Soon
Protection Training
Coming Soon
Competition Obedience
Coming Soon

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