Dog Training in Milton

Located just 20 minutes from Milton city centre, Shield K9 is a premier dog training service that offers obedience and protection dog training to Milton and the surrounding area.

We have a team of skilled dog trainers who are determined to teach your K9 correct reliable obedience you can depend on in the real world.

We resolve behavioral problems and help you to develop a strong bond of trust between you and your K9 companion. We deliver top tier dog training including aggressive dogs to Milton.  

With ten years of experience and proven success with all breeds of dog you can trust Shield K9 to get the job DONE!

Our Dog Training Services

The varied skills and expertise of our trainers allow us to cover everything ranging from the puppy training, companion dog obedience to Police / Security K9 training.

We also have Police Dogs, trained German Shepherds, Personal Protection / Guard Dogs and Presa Canario for sale in Milton and surrounding areas.

Our services include:

  • Protection Training
  • Obedience Training
  • Aggression Rehabilitation Training
  • Behavioural Modification
  • Working Presa Canario Breeder
  • Family Protection / Guard Dogs for Sale
  • Trained German Shepherds for Sale
  • Trained Malinois for Sale

Why Shield K9?

Shield K9 is committed to creating FAST results that will last you a lifetime!  At Shield K9 we make training simple and effective.  We also provide top tier working K9 for numerous applications.
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