Professional Trainers. Guaranteed Results.

I am proud to offer you all the BEST dog training service in the country. This is no idle boast, watch our videos, see our work and read our reviews!

I first started working dogs over 10 years ago as a K9 handler for a private security company. Since that time, I have spent years studying canine behavior, learning theory and psychology. My experience includes behavior modification, aggression rehab, protection training, competitive obedience and more.

I have selected, raised, imported and trained numerous dogs for various working applications. We now have a breeding program producing some of the best working dogs in the country.

I developed a Functional Obedience Training system that is now used by numerous trainers and has brought success to thousands of dog owners.

I am of the opinion that you can never know to much. As such, I am always studying the latest in training theory as well as attending seminars with world re known trainers in numerous disciplines.

When I first founded Shield K9, my intention was to focus primarily on working dogs. However, after seeing many dogs come out of other training programs that were still out of control, aggressive, anxious and exhibiting dangerous behaviours, I decided it was time to offer an alternative for companion K9’s.

It was time for a BALANCED training approach that actually works out in the real world around everyday stress and distractions.


The behind the scene player who makes the magic happen.

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