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Trained Dogs For Sale
Protection Dog Training
Leash Manners.
Crate Training.
Sit / Down / Stay.
Place Command.
2 x private training sessions for you and your dog included.
Lifetime phone/email support

$2800 - $4200

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Complete on-leash control in the real world. NO more pulling, jumping or lunging. Make your walks fun again!

Eliminate Pulling.
Loose leash walking.
On-Leash Heel.
Sit / Down / Stay.
Place Command.
1 x Private training session for you and your dog.


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Off-Leash Recall.
Loose Leash Walking.
Sit / Down / Stay.
Place Command.
Distraction Training.
Basic Behavior Modification.
2 x Private training session for you and your dog.
Lifetime phone/email support.

+ E-Collar $250

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Off-Leash Recall.
Off-Leash Heel.
Off-Leash Sit/Down/Stay.
Place Command.
Distraction Training.
Intermediate to Advanced Behavior Modification.
Aggression Rehab.
2 x Private training session for you and your dog.
Lifetime phone/email support.

$2800 - $4200 + E-Collar $250

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EFFECTIVE Training. PROVEN Results.

"Whether you have issues with bad behaviour, obedience, or just want to train your dog properly from the start, we have the service for you. With 10 years of dog training experience, you can trust us to provide you with the training that is right for you. We guarantee our results! Watch our videos and see our work."
- Haz Othman, Owner


Puppy Foundations

This class is designed to teach you how to properly handle and manage your pup in the home and out. We cover everything from social skills, bonding, house manners and obedience.

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Board & Train

This package is designed for the client that does not have the time for classes or is located to far away to come periodically.

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Group Classes

Puppy Foundations.
Functional On/Off Leash Obedience.
Aggressive/Reactive Dog Class.

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Private Training

We offer private, one-on-one training at our excellent training facility.

More about Private Training

Protection Training

A well trained protection dog, capable of controlled aggression is a proven deterrent to home invasions, robbery, assaults and can even save your life.

More on Protection Training

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Much more obedient dog

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I highly recommend Haz

Haz has helped us treat our dog’s fear aggression and we saw results in the first two weeks of training.… Read more “I highly recommend Haz”

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