As there has been a lot of interest in our Advanced Obedience Training system for companion dogs and working K9s, we now offer a complete two day seminar for dog owners and trainers.

This seminar will teach you how to take your dog or puppy from zero training to complete off leash control in as little as a month.

We will also focus on resolving unwanted behaviours including aggression, leash reactivity, pulling, off leash recalls, house manners and so much more.

This includes:
Theory / Application of voice marker communication
Puppy foundation
The four pillars of complete on / off leash control
Functional Recalls and Heeling under distraction
The Structured Walk
Leash pressure theory and application
Advanced concepts in motivational training
House Manners
Social management and development
Aggression and Anxiety rehab / management
E Collar theory and application

Haz not only teaches you the practical application of his Advanced Obedience system from start to finish but he explains the learning theory behind the process.
Haz will also work with dogs brought in with acute behavioural issues.

There is something here for everyone from the companion dog owner to dog trainers looking to add to their skills.

If you are interested in hosting Haz for a seminar please contact us at shieldk9dogs@gmail.com with the details.