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We hand pick our dogs in Europe to match your unique needs then import them here to complete their training. ​
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K9 Drago

Family Protection Dog


Drago is a Czech import and son of the world famous Extreme Orex Akymar.

Drago has spent the first year of life being trained by some of the best trainers in the Europe in obedience, protection and tracking.  He is very social in public and safe around children and other dogs.  Drago is also very strong in his protection work with blistering speed and crushing grips. Drago is still very young and will bond strongly to his new family. Drago will also be suitable for competitive dog sport.

Drago will come fully trained in Protection and Advanced Off Leash Obedience.

Drago has hip, elbow and spine ratings is FCI reg and will come with a health certificate

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K9 Bastian

Executive Protection Dog


guard protection dog

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Bastian is a 6 year old Belgian Malinois imported from the Czech Republic.

Bastian is titled Schutzhund II. As the head trainer’s dog he has literally thousands of hours of training in tactical obedience, Schutzhund, protection and tracking. Bastian is one of the strongest Malinois currently in Canada. His blistering speed and intensity are always a crowd pleaser. Bastian is also a proven stud and has been used several times for breeding. Bastian is only for sale as his handler currently has to many dogs too train.

Bastian is very social in public, loves kids but very protective of his property and family.

Hip, Elbow and Spine ratings plus full pedigree / registration and health certificate

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K9 Hades

Estate Protection Dog

Hades is a purebred working line German Shepherd from top quality West German bloodlines.

Hades is 3.5  years old, has been trained in Schutzhund and has a BH Title

Hades is a medium dog with excellent bone and structure. This handsome dog brings more then just looks to the table. Hades is a very calm social dog yet is also protective of his people and property.  This easy to handle dog is ideal for a family setting.

Hades has been trained in street protection and Advanced Off Leash Obedience.

Hip and Elbow X-Rays, CKC registration and Pedigree


K9 Bosco

Estate Protection Dog


guard protection dog

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Bosco is a purebred working line German Shepherd from top quality West German bloodlines.

Bosco is a big boy with a large frame and enormous head. Weighing in at 90lbs this boy turns heads wherever he goes. Bosco doesnt only bring size to the table, he is hyper confident in all situations and very serious in his protection work. Rest easy with Bosco protecting your family and property.

Bosco is social in public and safe around children.

Bosco will come fully trained in Protection and Advanced Obedience.

Hip and Elbow X-Rays, CKC registration and health certificate


Estate Protection K9 Argo

Argo is a 1.5 year old Sable Male German Shepherd out of West German Working Lines.

Argo is intense yet very social with his people including children. Argo may be social but he is also fierce. No one comes into Argo’s home or property without permission from his people.

Argo is fully Off Leash Obedience trained, he will show aggression and will readily engage threats on command. Argo is also trained to defend and patrol the perimeter of his property.

Full CKC reg, hip and elbow x rays + Health certificate

Sold thank you Gidim

K9 Sixx

Personal Protection Dog

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Sixx is a 1 year old Sable Male German Shepherd from Czech bloodlines.

Imported directly from the Czech Republic, Sixx is very social and family oriented dog. He loves to play with his ball and will happily spend the day hanging out with his family.

Sixx has full Advanced Off Leash Obedience training, will show aggression and engage / release a threat on command.

Six comes with X-Rays of hips and elbows plus full pedigree and Health Certificate

SOLD thank you Sarah


K9 Toro

Personal Protection Dog

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Toro is a 2 year old Male Purebred German Shepherd.

Toro is a naturally protective male. Imposing in his presence yet appropriately social in public. Toro is loyal to his family, loves to play fetch, yet is reliable and safe in his obedience. Feel safe with Toro watching over your family and property. Please contact us for more info on Toro

​Also suitable for sport, PSA, IPO, CKC, Rally

X-Rays of hips and elbows plus full pedigree / registration

SOLD thank you Mike