The Shield K9 Team

Haz Othman – Head Trainer and Founder of Shield K9Meet the Trainer!

I first started working dogs 10 years ago as a K9 handler for a private security company. Since that time, I have done behaviour modification, obedience, private consults, protection training and competition dog sports. I have also selected, raised, imported and trained numerous dogs for various working applications.

I am of the opinion that you can never know to much. As such, I am always studying the latest in training theory and application. I also regularly attend seminars held by world renown trainers and continue to push my dogs and training to ever higher levels.

When I first founded Shield K9, my intention was to focus primarily on working dogs.  However, after seeing many dogs come out of other training programs that were still out of control, aggressive, anxious and exhibiting dangerous behaviours, I decided it was time to offer an alternative for companion K9s.  A BALANCED training approach that actually works out in the real world around everyday stress and distractions.

Sal Othman – Trainer / Kennel Manager

Sal is manages much of the day to day training and operations here at Shield K9.  He specializes in dealing with our resident hard cases and is also an excellent obedience trainer.  You will often find Sal on the training field working dogs or running one of our group classes.

Stephanie Cottee – Associate Trainer (Animal Behaviorist)

Stephanie is one of our part time associate trainers.  She is also a practicing Animal Behaviorist with a Phd. In Animal Behavior from the UofG.  We value Steph not only for the knowledge and skill she brings to our training services but also for her practical pursuit of results.  When Steph first started training dogs she quickly saw that much of the methodology used by dog trainers today was flawed,ineffective and did not even make sense from a scientific standpoint. She then took the necessary steps to expand her knowledge and skill set to become the trainer she is today.

Carson Collins- Associate Trainer

Carson is a young, up and coming trainer that has the most essential trait necessary to being successful as a dog trainer.  Carson wants results and when he saw what we where doing here at Shield K9 he decided that he had to be part of the team.  Carson does a lot of contract work with our Board and Train dogs ensuring that they are exercised, cared for and most importantly trained! Like all good trainers, Carson is constantly seeking to expand his skill set and technique.

Now that you met our team, you should understand the mantra from which we all operate.

No gimmicks or fluff, just a clear balanced training program that works in the real world. Proven through hard won learning and experience.

Here at Shield K9 we focus on the 3 R’s. RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS

Our Breeding and Working Dog Program

Our services also include the sale and training of working dogs for private security or law enforcement applications.  To that end we offer dogs both green and trained that are hand picked from generations of proven working blood.  We also have an in house breeding program for Belgian Malinois and the Presa Canario Mastiff.  Our number one goal both in breeding and the importation of working dogs is performance.  We see to many dogs that do not preform as advertised both in the private securities field and in law enforcement.  We refuse to compromise on genetics, work ability, health and courage as we believe these are the traits essential to all working dogs.

If you are interested in a trained dog or puppy from our breeding or protection program feel free to contact us with your specifications today!

Meet the Trainer!

Meet the Trainer!