Meet the Trainer!

Hello my name is Haz, I first started working dogs 10 years ago as a K9 handler for a private security company. Since that time, I have done behaviour modification, obedience, private consults, protection training and competition dog sports. I have also selected, raised, imported and trained numerous dogs for various working applications.

I am of the opinion that you can never know to much. As such, I am always studying the latest in training theory and application. I also regularly attend seminars held by world renown trainers and continue to push my dogs and training to ever higher levels.

I know what it takes to have a well behaved reliably trained K9 companion. Watch my videos and see my training.

After seeing many dogs come out of other training programs that were still out of control, aggressive, anxious and exhibiting dangerous behaviours, I decided it was time to offer an alternative.  A BALANCED training approach that actually works out in the real world around everyday stress and distractions.

No gimmicks or fluff, just a clear balanced training program that works in the real world. Proven through hard won learning and experience.

Here at Shield K9 we focus on the 3 R’s. RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS

We guarantee our training or your money back!

Our Breeding, Protection and Police Dogs

Our experience has proven to us there are few forms of personal security as effective and proactive as a well trained quality K9. We often compare a good dog to having a portable burglar alarm, motion sensor and a large muscular body guard all in one package. Merely the sight or sound of one of one of our dogs is enough to deter most criminal intentions.

In addition, you and your family receive the added bonus of a loyal companion that plays with your kids, goes on hikes, swimming and walks, plays fetch and all the other wonderful things dogs bring to our lives!


I have been involved in working dogs for years. The reality is it is difficult to find a dog that has the health, drive and character for work in Law Enforcement or Personal Protection. Most people assume that as long as you purchase a dog from one of the well known guardian breeds (German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler, Mastiff) he or she will be able to protect their home and family or do Police work.

Unfortunately, this is simply not the case! The VAST majority of dogs that you find in Canada and the USA have been bred for successive generations exclusively for looks or size as opposed to their actual working ability. As such, most of these dogs do not have the necessary character and drive for real work.

Even many dogs that come with working blood / pedigrees are simply not cut out to do real work. Needless to say, this makes finding good dogs capable of Law Enforcement or Family Protection work very difficult. This is why we extensively test and evaluate all potential candidates before bringing them into our program.  Most do not make the cut!

My experience working dogs, knowledge of working bloodlines and contacts in Europe and North America allow me to source dogs suitable for real working applications. We only import dogs with the correct health clearances.

When the dogs arrive here, they undergo further testing, evaluation and training suited to the client’s individual needs.

Meet the Trainer!

Meet the Trainer!