Our Females

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Aga Drapa, call name “Nova” is a direct Czech import that we initially imported in whelp.  After seeing the quality of the puppies in her first litter, (which is the most important factor in assessing a females quality), we decided that she was here to stay.  This little girl packs a punch!  She is one of the fastest Malinois I have seen into the helper and shows excellent nerve, genetic speed and grips.  Combine that with high hunt drive, environmental sureness and a high desire to please her handler and you have the total package.  Nova is also very social.

Nova is a Jork van Het Drielend daughter and brings forward notable Belgian and Czech bloodlines in her pedigree including Doc van het Drielend, A’ Tim, Yagus van de Duvetore and more.

Puppies from Nova’s last litter displayed excellent health and muscle development, high drives and strong nerves.  All the pups where larger then her by 8 months and showed heavier bone development.  Most importantly the holdback males all display high levels of aggression, big speed and natural grips in protection.  All the pups also showed balanced temperments and most currently reside in family homes.

Nova’s next litter is planned for summer time.