Competition Obedience Training  –  CKC, IPO, Rally


6 Private Sessions: $490 (Timings flexible)



We offer training and coaching in competition obedience suitable for CKC, Rally and IPO (Schutzhund).


Heeling: Both focused and Contact heeling, the basis to any successful obedience routine

Formal Recall: Formal fronts, speed and reliability
Positions: Sit, Down, Stand beside the handler and also at distance
Motion Exercises: Sit, Down and Stand in Motion. Build speed, precision and reliability in your motion exercises!
Retrieves: Teach your dog to hold the dumbell in a calm firm manner, pick up and retrieve it with speed.
Send outs: Teach your dog to go out straight and fast

Clicker / Marker Training: I provide instruction on the theory and application of clicker and or marker training. This is an essential part of any training system that requires and active and happy dog.

Toys: For dogs with high object drive, harness this genetic trait to bring more motivation and speed to your dogs work. I teach you how to introduce and use toys in your obedience.

Tools: The most successful trainers that regularly make the podium with their dogs use tools to enhance their ability to communicate effectively with their dogs. These include low level Remote Collars, Prongs, Toys etc. I provide instruction on the advanced use of these tools including how to use them to build drive, speed and precision in the work.

Check our OBEDIENCE VIDEOS to view examples of competition training.

Competition Training

Check out some of our training .

Competition Training

Scent Pads and Foot Step tracking:

AKC and IPO style tracking. Have a dog that tracks in deep and detailed manner. Tracking is taught on grass and hay.

Article Indication: Don’t lose those points on articles! Teach a nice straight indication.



I am a certified club level Helper and offer protection work for IPO as well. For IPO protection please inquire.

Competition Training