Shield K9 Malinois

Here at Shield K9 we have a small Malinois breeding program producing only several litters per year.  The Belgian Malinois is a breed that has been developed specifically for use in Law Enforcement and Military applications. The Malinois is also commonly used in Protection sports such as IPO, Ring Sport and PSA.  Here at Shield K9 we strongly believe in the importance of preserving and enhancing the Malinois’ working ability.  We strive to produce dogs with strong character, drive, health and natural aggression.  We refuse to compromise on this goal and are always seeking dogs for our program that exemplify these traits to the utmost.

We will not water down this breed for any reason!  These dogs are not for everyone but if you are interested in making a Malinois part of your family and future feel free to check our available dogs and puppy pages as well as our upcoming litters page.