Training Packages and Rates

Tired of your dog pulling you around on walks and not coming when called? Does your dog react aggressively to other dogs and people? Does your dog get anxious or destroy the house when you leave?
Do you want to train your dog or puppy properly the first time and prevent these problems before they start?
Trust the professionals at Shield K9 to provide you with quick measurable results that last a lifetime.


This package is designed for the client that does not have the time for classes or is located to far away to come periodically.

We offer something for everyone from the Puppy or out of control Adolescent to the Aggressive dog no other trainer will deal with.

Watch videos of dogs that have taken our training.  Note their body language and compliant behaviour.

These packages are ideal for dogs with aggression, anxiety and other behaviour issues.

We GUARANTEE RESULTS or your money back!

  • Advanced Off Leash Obedience is our signature training package.  As seen in our many training videos this package emphasizes complete control both on and off leash. We also focus on manners in the house and healthy social interactions.  We take any dog regardless of issues or prior training level and in a short period of time see a complete transformation in the dog’s manners and obedience. Take the stress and guess work out of life with your K9 companion. See the Shield K9 difference today!
  • Behavior Modification whether you have a reactive dog, anxious dog or aggressive dog we can help.  We routinely take dogs with dangerous and difficult behaviours and effectively remove them.  We create effective handling and management strategies that quickly reduce and eradicate these problem behaviours.
  • Functional Obedience designed for the real world.  No gimmicks or ineffective training here.  Just a proven system that promotes a reliable compliant dog that you can trust anywhere.  Even our more basic on leash packages create and promote this behavior. Say goodbye to pulling, crazy dog in the house and being ignored!
  • Puppy Foundations start them off the right way.  Too many people and trainers make owning a puppy way more complicated then it needs to be.  Our puppy program is designed to make life easier for you and create the foundation obedience behaviours that are necessary to a well behaved balanced dog.

-Your dog will stay at in our new facility located on 16 acres in the country and will receive daily training, walks and socialization.

-ALL board and train dogs are taught healthy social interaction with dogs and people.
-VIDEO your dog may be featured in one of our many videos
-Owners are provided a handler familiarization seminar were we teach you to properly handle your fully trained dog.

*This course also includes application of Food/Object drive in training. We will teach you how to bring more speed and power into your dogs work through his inherent drives for food or play.


*Board and Train clients receive a free refresher training session and email phone / support !

Leave your K9 companion with us and pick up your NEW well behaved OBEDIENT dog!


  • 3 week Functional Off Leash Obedience Complete + Basic Behaviour Modification: $1900 + cost of ecollar
  • 4 week Advanced Off Leash Obedience Complete + Intermediate Behaviour Modification: $2400 + cost of ecollar
  • 5 week Elite Off Leash Obedience Complete + Advanced Behaviour Modification: $3000 + cost of ecollar
  • 6-8 week Elite Off Leash Obedience Complete + Extreme AGGRESSION Rehab: $650/week + cost of ecollar

+ The above courses require a Remote Training Collar which we supply cost $250

  • 2 week Functional Obedience NO MORE JUMPING / PULLING:  $1350
  • 2 week Functional Obedience On Leash + OFF LEASH Recall: $1500 + cost of ecollar

HST is applicable to all listed prices.

-We also offer Board and Train for sport competition and protection work.  Please contact us with what you need and we will send you a custom rate.

Board and train dogs must be vaccinated, parasite free and be in good health. Clients will also be required to sign our waiver.

Space is limited and we are usually booked 1 month in advance. Clients that place a deposit and send in a signed waiver get priority for Board and Train.

Click this button to reserve a Board & Train slot for your dog.  Please call before purchasing a slot.