Our Functional Obedience programs focus on giving you complete control over your dog regardless of location or distraction level. This is no idle boast, watch our videos and see our training!  Dogs that come through this program are reliable anywhere and everywhere.

Functional Obedience – Level 1

It all begins here!  This is the first of two training packages we offer to completely train ANY dog from the beginning to the end.
Learn the fundamentals to truly effective communication and control.  We teach you to train your dog using a combination of food, play and proven K9 handling techniques.

Attendees often see a huge difference after just one session!

We focus on the basics to a harmonious clear relationship in the day to day life of you and your dog.

This includes:

  • Structured Walk as taught in our Walk Doc package and how to prevent pulling and problem behaviors while exercising your pet.
  • Heel your dog learns to come when called and ignore distractions
  • House Manners say goodbye to jumping, destruction, running and bad behavior in the house.  We teach your dog to be calm and obedient in the house.
  • Distraction Training all training is worthless if it goes out the window the second distractions come into the picture.  We teach your dog to focus on you and be compliant regardless of whats going on around you.
  • Markers we teach your dog to respond to voice markers, this greatly speeds up the training process and makes your communication with your dog much more clear.
  • Sit, Down, Place and Kennel commands we teach to make your dog more compliant and easy to handle anywhere.

This package also includes consult on resolving problem behaviors including house breaking, anxiety and aggression.

Make no mistake, while this is our basic package it is more effective then any of the more “advanced” obedience classes offered by other schools.

See our group classes page for training dates.

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Advanced Off Leash Obedience – Level 2

This is the second part of the two part system we offer to achieve the completely trained dog. We take what your dog learned in ADVANCED OBEDIENCE Level 1 training and take things to the next level! This class emphasizes complete OFF LEASH control.

Unleash your dog and give him or her the freedom and joy of being off leash. Enjoy hiking, jogging or walking your dog like never before. Imagine being able to rely on your dog to recall, walk next to you or down under any distraction all OFF LEASH!

This course also includes basic behaviour modification for problem behaviours including anxiety, aggression, reactivity and house breaking.

This class includes:

Recall (Dog will return to the handler under distraction)
Heel ​(Dog will come to the left side of the handler and and stay next to the handler as he/she walks)
Leash Manners (Eliminate pulling and walk with ease)
Advanced Distraction Training (Your dog will learn to bereliably responsive to all commands while off leash)
Kennel (Dog will enter the kennel upon command)
Place (Dog will go onto an indicated bed or pad and stay there, this is the best way to calm a dog being crazy in the house)
Advanced Motivation Concepts (We teach you how to to apply your dogs natural drives in training. Learn how to bring more precision into your dogs work through his inherent drives for food or play)

*This course also includes application of Food/Object drive in training. We will teach you how to bring more speed and power into your dogs work through his inherent drives for food or play.​

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​+ cost of a Remote Collar. Clients are welcome to bring their own collar or we can sell you one in store.

This course is done with a low level Remote Collar, we have used many tools in the past but find the Remote collar to be the most effective for instant clear communication with your dog.